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Home & Gifts

  • Paella Kit

    Paella Kit


    Starter kit

  • Medium Terracotta Dish

    Medium Terracotta Dish

  • Small Terracotta Ramekin

    Small Terracotta Ramekin

  • Terracotta Wine Cooler

  • Mykes Truffle Oil

    Mykes Truffle Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle

  • Azada Olive Oil Gift Set

    Azada Olive Oil Gift Set


    A selection of 5 x 20ml different flavoured oils - chilli, orange, lemon, basil and garlic

  • Wooden Kebab Skewers

    Wooden Kebab Skewers


Oils & Vinegars

  • OMed EV Olive Oil

    OMed EV Olive Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil 250ml

  • OMed Picual Olive Oil

    OMed Picual Olive Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil with aromas of pepper and tomato - ideal for meats 250ml

  • El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez

    El Majuelo Vinagre Jerez


    Traditional sherry vinegar 250ml

  • El Majuelo PX Vinagre

    El Majuelo PX Vinagre


    Pedro Ximinez sherry vinegar 250ml

  • Codegenio EV Olive Oil

    Codegenio EV Olive Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil1 litre

  • Vinaterra Apple Vinegar



  • Capirete EV Olive Oil

    Capirete EV Olive Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil 500ml

  • Capirete Sherry Vinegar

    Capirete Sherry Vinegar


    Pedro Ximinez Sherry Vinegar

  • Capirete Vinagre Jerez

    Capirete Vinagre Jerez


    Jerez sherry vinegar 375ml

  • Tartufo Truffle Oil

    Tartufo Truffle Oil


    White truffle oil250ml

  • Colavita EV Olive Oil

    Colavita EV Olive Oil



  • Colavita Pepperolio

    Colavita Pepperolio


    Chilli Oil

  • Lemon Oil

    Lemon Oil

  • Balsamic Vinega

    Balsamic Vinega


    Prezioso Balsamic Vinegar 500ml

  • Balsamic Vinegar

    Balsamic Vinegar


    El Majuelo balsamic vinegar 250ml

  • Olive Oil Pearls



Rice & Pasta

  • La Campana Arroz Redondo

    La Campana Arroz Redondo


    Paella Rice

  • Riso Toro Arborio Rice

    Riso Toro Arborio Rice

  • Riso Torro Carnaroli

    Riso Torro Carnaroli


    Risotto Rice

  • De Cecco Egg Pappardelle

    De Cecco Egg Pappardelle

  • De Cecco Penne

    De Cecco Penne



  • De Cecco Spaghetti

    De Cecco Spaghetti



  • Divella GF Fusilli

    Divella GF Fusilli


    Gluten free pasta 400g

  • Divella GF Spaghetti

    Divella GF Spaghetti


    Gluten free spaghetti 400g

  • Barilla Fusilli



  • Barilla Penne Regate

    Barilla Penne Regate



  • De Cecco Egg Lasagne

    De Cecco Egg Lasagne


    Egg lasagne sheets 500g

  • Divella GF Penne

    Divella GF Penne


    Gluten free pasta 400g

  • Garofalo Orzo

    Garofalo Orzo


    Orzo pasta 500g

Spices & Seasonings

  • Caballo Smoked Pimenton

    Caballo Smoked Pimenton


    Smoked paprika 75g

  • Carmencita Pimenton

    Carmencita Pimenton


    Smoked Spanish sweet paprika

  • Carmencita Seasoning

    Carmencita Seasoning


    Red seasoning for kebabs 65g

  • Carmencita Pimenton

    Carmencita Pimenton


    Hot paprika

  • Carmencita Azafran

    Carmencita Azafran


    Spanish saffron 0.4g

  • Halen Mon Garlic Salt

    Halen Mon Garlic Salt


    Roasted garlic salt 15g

  • Maldon Sea Salt

    Maldon Sea Salt



  • Halen Mon Chilli Salt

    Halen Mon Chilli Salt


    Pure Sea Salt with Chilli & Garlic 15g

  • Oak Smoked Salt

    Oak Smoked Salt


    from Halen Mon 100g pouch

  • HM Chilli & Garlic Salt

    HM Chilli & Garlic Salt


    Halen Mon Chilli & Garlic Salt 100g pouch

  • Nipra Saffron 1g

    Nipra Saffron 1g

  • Nora Dried Peppers

    Nora Dried Peppers



  • Halen Mon Pure Sea Salt

    Halen Mon Pure Sea Salt


    100g pouch

  • Halen Mon Peppercorns

    Halen Mon Peppercorns


    100g pouch

  • Beef Casserole Mix

    Beef Casserole Mix


    from The Shropshire Spice Company 40g

  • Stroganoff Blend

    Stroganoff Blend


    from The Shropshire Spice Company 40g

  • Keema Curry Blend

    Keema Curry Blend


    from The Shropshire Spice Company 40g

  • Chicken Casserole Blend

    Chicken Casserole Blend


    from The Shropshire Spice Company 40g


  • Losada Cracked Olives

    Losada Cracked Olives



  • Diamir Black Olives

    Diamir Black Olives


    Pitted black olives 345g

  • Diamir Gazpacha

    Diamir Gazpacha


    Cocktail olive mix

  • Diamir Gordal Olives

    Diamir Gordal Olives



Pickles, Jams & Chutneys

  • Stute Strawberry Jam

    Stute Strawberry Jam


    No added sugar jam 430g

  • Black Garlic Ketchup

    Black Garlic Ketchup


    Halen Mon black garlic ketchup 310g

  • Bloody Mary Ketchup

    Bloody Mary Ketchup


    Bloody Mary Halen Mon Ketchup 250ml

  • Delicias Capers

    Delicias Capers


    In white wine vinegar 1kg

  • Delicias Caperberries


    in white wine vinegar 1kg

  • Delicioso Spanish Onions

    Delicioso Spanish Onions


    Spanish baby onions 260g

  • Ole Chillies

    Ole Chillies


    Sweet spicy pickled green chillies 180g

  • Smoky Barbecue Ketchup

    Smoky Barbecue Ketchup


    Halen Mon smoky barbecue ketchup 295g

  • Delicioso Spanish Capers

    Delicioso Spanish Capers



  • C.P. Mint Jelly

    C.P. Mint Jelly


    Celtic Preserves mint jelly 227g

  • Grapefruit/Gin Marmalade

    Grapefruit/Gin Marmalade


    Dower House pink grapefruit and gin marmalade 340g

  • Briscoe's Mint Jelly

    Briscoe's Mint Jelly


    Briscoe's Marvellous Mint Jelly 130g

  • Briscoe's Garlic Jelly

    Briscoe's Garlic Jelly


    Briscoe's Gorgeous Garlic Jelly 130g

  • C.P. Redcurrant Jelly

    C.P. Redcurrant Jelly


    Celtic Preserves redcurrant jelly 227g

  • Dower House Chutney

    Dower House Chutney


    Plum, apple and raisin chutney 300g

  • Delicioso Pickled Garlic

    Delicioso Pickled Garlic



Flour & Breadcrumbs

  • Gallo Pan Rallado

    Gallo Pan Rallado


    Classic plain fine breadcrumbs

  • Gallo Fritos Rebozados

    Gallo Fritos Rebozados


    Spanish flour, perfect for lightly flouring seafood or onion rings

  • Gallo Pan Rallado

    Gallo Pan Rallado


    Fine breadcrumbs with garlic and herbs.

  • Plain Flour

    Plain Flour



  • Panko Breadcrumbs

  • Goldenfry Cornflour

    Goldenfry Cornflour

  • Self-Raising Flour

    Self-Raising Flour



The Gate Packs

    These items will require cooking at home. For Collection or Delivery today only. We recommend consuming the packs on the day of purchase. Not recommended for freezing unless stated.

  • Breakfast Pack


    Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Egg and Beans

  • Fish Pack


    An array of fish and seafood chosen by us

  • Butchers Choice Pack


    A variety of four different high-quality items chosen by our experienced butcher chef

Deli Items

    For Collection or Delivery today only

  • DIET COKE 1.5L


From The Pantry

  • Colacao



    Natural chocolate drink powder

  • Ram a la Taza

    Ram a la Taza


    Gluten free, ready made traditional Spanish hot chocolate

  • Diamir Cebolla Frita

    Diamir Cebolla Frita


    Fried Onions 390g

  • Diamir Calamares

    Diamir Calamares


    Calamari in American Sauce 110g

  • Luengo Alubia Blanco

    Luengo Alubia Blanco


    Dried white beans

  • Money Alcachofas

    Money Alcachofas


    Artichokes 390g

  • Diamir Esparragos Blanco

    Diamir Esparragos Blanco


    Tinned white asparagus 660g

  • Diamir Tentaculos

    Diamir Tentaculos


    Galician octopus 266g

  • Diamir Frito Casero

    Diamir Frito Casero


    Fried tomato sauce 420g

  • Diamir Chiperones

    Diamir Chiperones


    Baby squid in vegetable oil 110g

  • Diamir Berberechos

    Diamir Berberechos


    Cockles in brine 111g

  • Diamir Pimientos

    Diamir Pimientos


    Whole piquillo peppers 185g

  • Tartufi Summer Truffle

    Tartufi Summer Truffle



  • Amaretti Biscuits

    Amaretti Biscuits



  • Mr Naga Chilli Paste

    Mr Naga Chilli Paste


    VERY hot chilli paste 190g

  • Bonomi Savoiardi

    Bonomi Savoiardi


    Lady fingers

  • Amarena Fabri

    Amarena Fabri


    Wild cherries in syrup - gorgeous with ice cream!

  • Cantucci Biscuits

    Cantucci Biscuits



  • Antonio Amato Pelati

    Antonio Amato Pelati


    Italian peeled plum tomatoes

  • Pomodori Secchi

    Pomodori Secchi


    Sun dried tomatoes in oil 800g

  • Fioravanti Gnocchi

    Fioravanti Gnocchi


    Potato gnocchi 500g

  •  Baking Powder

    Baking Powder

  • Sabarot Escargot

    Sabarot Escargot


    Burgundy snails in brine 400g

  • La Perruche Brown Sugar

    La Perruche Brown Sugar


    Brown sugar cubes 1kg

  • ChefsLarder Tomato Puree

    ChefsLarder Tomato Puree



  • Parsons Laverbread

    Parsons Laverbread



  • Salted Caramel Spread

    Salted Caramel Spread


    Halen Mon salted caramel spread 200g

  • Caprichos Tomato Cream

    Caprichos Tomato Cream


    Rich and creamy tomato sauce base

  • Ferrer Carne de Nora

    Ferrer Carne de Nora


    Nora pepper paste

  • Luengo Chickpeas

    Luengo Chickpeas


    Cooked chickpeas in brine

  • Diamir Sardinas

    Diamir Sardinas


    Sardines in tomato sauce 110g

  • Gallo Fideo Noodles

    Gallo Fideo Noodles


    Spanish noodles, ideal for casseroles and stews

  • Luengo Lenteja Sardina

    Luengo Lenteja Sardina


    Dried lentils

  • Creme Catalana

    Creme Catalana


    Creme Brullee mix

  • Fontinella Artichokes


    Artichoke hearts in brine 390g

  • Quick Cooking Noodles

    Quick Cooking Noodles

  • Teriyaki Marinade

    Teriyaki Marinade


    Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade 250ml

  • Dried Cepes

    Dried Cepes


    Dried Mushrooms 500g



  • New Lambthong Jackfruit

    New Lambthong Jackfruit


    In brine 565g

  • Red Cooking Wine

    Red Cooking Wine


    Monte Bello red cooking wine 187ml

  • Ducats Chocolates

    Ducats Chocolates


    Crunchy chocolate coated balls with hazelnut centre

  • KTC Coconut Milk

    KTC Coconut Milk

  • KTC Pure Creamed Coconut

    KTC Pure Creamed Coconut

  • Vira



    Artisan hot chocolate powder

  • Gold Covered Almonds



  • Luxury Gourmet Nut Mix

    Luxury Gourmet Nut Mix



  • Pate de Pato

    Pate de Pato


    Duck pate with Armagnac 125g

  • Pate de Jabali

    Pate de Jabali


    Wild Boar Pate with Armagnac 125g

  • Higos Preserved Figs


    Figs in Syrup 243g

  • Pate de Ciervo

    Pate de Ciervo


    Venison Pate with Armagnac 135g

  • Pujado Solana Tapenade

    Pujado Solana Tapenade


    Anchovy & caper tapenade 120g

  • Smoky Honey Mustard

    Smoky Honey Mustard


    Halen Mon smoky honey mustard 200g

  • Smoky Dijon Mustard

    Smoky Dijon Mustard


    Halen Mon smoky Dijon mustard 200g

  • Diamir Tomato Frito

    Diamir Tomato Frito


    3 x 400g cartons of authentic tomato sauce

  • Filetes de  Anchoveta

    Filetes de Anchoveta


    Anchovy Fillets in oil 495g

  • Trufflehunter Truffle

    Trufflehunter Truffle


    Whole black truffles 30g

  • Stag Cheese Biscuits

    Stag Cheese Biscuits


    Original cheese biscuits 150g

  • Stag Cheese Biscuits


    with parmesan and garlic 150g

  • Stag Cheese Biscuits


    Multi seed biscuits 150g

  • Chestnut Stuffing Mix

    Chestnut Stuffing Mix


    Chestnut, cranberry & apple stuffing mix from The Shropshire Spice Company 150g

  • Sage & Onion Stuffing

    Sage & Onion Stuffing


    from The Shropshire Spice Company 150g

  • Wild Mushroom Stuffing

    Wild Mushroom Stuffing


    Wild mushroom, garlic & herb stuffing mix from The Shropshire Spice Company 150g

  • La Peruche White Sugar

    La Peruche White Sugar


    White Sugar Cubes 1kg

  • Roquito Chilli Peppers

    Roquito Chilli Peppers


    Hot and sweet sliced peppers 822g

The Gate Sauces

    For Collection or Delivery today only

  • Barbados Sauce


Butchers Counter

  • Sausage Pack (18)


    Box of 18 of our Traditional Pork Sausages

  • 10oz Sirloin Steak


    10oz Sirloin Steak

  • 10oz Ribeye Steak


    10oz Ribeye Steak

  • 10oz Fillet Steak (1)


    1 x 10oz Fillet Steak

  • 12 Mini Chorizo


    Pack of 12 mini Chorizo